Monday, June 29, 2009

The Buzz Coffee Shop

Again, not so greasy but definitely a cool local place, we hit up The Buzz in Eldridge. It started last year as a coffee shop and has since expanded into an art gallery/ice cream /sandwich shop.

The artist who has his work displayed there is also the chef. He has come up with some pretty cool sandwiches, but I guess the Reuben is the best. (The menu calls it a "ruben" but I'll get over it) The owner is very sweet and said that if it's not the best reuben you've ever had, he will give you a refund. Well I've never had a reuben, plus i just yacked my guts out this weekend, so Richie tried it out.

It must have been the best, cause he didn't ask for a refund. They have a bunch of other paninis plus two special sandwiches called the Picasso (turkey, swiss, sourdough, with avocado pepperoni dressing) and The Michelangelo (turkey, mushroom, french bread, cheese/basil dressing). Every sandwich comes with a pickle and chips. Nothing is over $5

I had to try something, so i took one for the team and got a watermelon shake. There are a bunch of unique shake, smoothie, and coffee flavors. The watermelon shake was nothing like the sherbet from Whitey's. It was vanilla ice cream blended with watermelon flavor, so it was very smooth and creamy. Im totally rationing it- it's sitting in my freezer so i can eat more tomorrow.

Also I got my nephew a strawberry "pop" (smoothie) and instead of leaving a half filled cup hidden in his toy room, he drank the whole thing. nothing got on his shirt either. miracles do happen.

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