Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Richie recently stopped at Lou's Drive-In on his last trip to Peoria (4229 N Knoxville). We had been there last summer and I vaguely remember eating a chicken sandwich so I will defer to him for a review.

Lou's Drive-In opened in 1953 as a hot dog and root beer stand. Today it's menu includes a little bit of everything from tamales to tenderloins to Boca burgers. The best thing on the menu is the homemade root beer. They seem to have a two step process which remains a mystery to me as it involved two cups and two liquids that somehow came together to form the best root beer in the Midwest. I also enjoyed a strawberry malt.

The cool thing about Lou's is the outside seating and car hops that will take your order and bring your food to your car if you leave your lights on. And the food isn't tasteless like that multicolored craphole they call Sonic's. It's not open year round, so check it out when the weather's warm

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