Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boozie's Bar and Grille

Bars often have delicious food and loud stinky atmosphere. However, Boozie's, located on 3rd street in downtown Davenport, was a pretty chill place. Maybe it's because it's above a Catholic book store.. or maybe Wednesday nights are slow.

The building itself has an interesting history which is printed on their menus. It was built in 1899 and they say that some people claim it used to house a brothel, but no one can actually back that up. It really was a few different relatively uninteresting businesses/offices. Eventually it become a restaurant, was sold, and was named after a cat, Boozie. His picture is on the wall. He's long gone.

A lot of people say they have the best burgers in the QCA, so the burger connoisseur and I checked it out.

Their burgers feature a sauce known as Boozie sauce of course. Richie figured it to be a "delightful mix of bbq, ketchup, and a bunch of random spices." He also said "it made the burger." They sell the sauce in jars if anyone's that interested.

We ordered chili cheese fries as an appetizer which got mixed reviews because I enjoy kidney beans in chili and Richie does not. These had beans. He picked around them.

I also ordered lemon pepper chicken breast which wasn't very lemon-y but was very juicy. Plus they gave me a whole handful of pickle slices!

All-in-all i would say Boozie's has the best bar food downtown and burger lovers should def. try it out

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  1. You didn't ask my opinion, but I'd mostly agree with you on Boozies being the best. Although 11th Street Precinct is up there as well.