Thursday, December 17, 2009

Richard's on Main

So on a recent trip to the wonderful Peoria, I ventured downtown to partake in some delicious bar food at Richard's on Main. Richard's is a cool place to listen to some decent tunes, drink some beers if you're into that, and eat some awesome food. Also not bad to meet up with some friends, watch them get drunk, and laugh at all the ridiculous shit that comes from such, which is what I usually do.

Now, lets clear something up. On a recent episode of Man vs. Food, Adam went to Springfield, IL which in itself is ridiculous as there are plenty of other cities in the greater Illinois area to go to that probably had much better food eateries. Anyways, he had what was called a horseshoe sandwich. Supposedly this sandwich was invented in Springfield, but let me tell you, it wasn't perfected.
I give you the pork tenderloin horseshoe. This beast is composed of two pieces of Texas toast, topped with a chopped fried pork tenderloin. On top of that is a massive amount of french fries, and the cherry on top is a generous helping of cheese sauce.

The only problem with these is that I have yet to eat an entire one. But it usually works out since by the time i get to the progress in the picture everyone usually is about done telling their stories and drinking their beers.

So if you find yourself in Peoria and are in need of some comfort food, head downtown to the Apollo Theatre, and follow the finger down the stairs. May the good times follow