Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grinders and Spaghetti House

Having lived in Peoria, we needed to find a QC restaurant comparable to Avanti's. Well I remembered Grinders from my days as a broke college student at Ambrose. (Most of their lunch specials are $2.50 for a real home cooked Italian dish.) Tonight we stopped at the old 1208 W. Locust location for sandwiches.

Richie got a meatball sub with mozzarella. All the subs are served on an 8 inch bread loaf. It is sooo sweet and doughy. eat it, love it.

I got a baked chicken sandwich. This does not even compare to the limp chicken breasts served at Subway. It's warm, juicy, and hasn't been sitting there for hours.

I believe their most popular sandwich is the Gondola- ham, salami, cheese and lettuce. The pasta is also very delicious and reasonably priced. Many families were there sharing a meal. Here's the yummy cheesy garlic bread.

Afterwards we hit up Whitey's which is a regular stop for us and most people from the QC. A few guys traveling through from Alabama were there for the 2nd time this week and have plans to stop again on their way out of town. It's that good.
I deviated from my usual blueberry yogurt and got two scoops, one smurf, one gummy bear. For those completely out of the loop, Smurf ice cream tastes like fruity pebbles. Richie got a sherbet freeze- a mixture of watermelon sherbet, cherry flavor, awesomeness, and Sprite.

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  1. High-5 on Grinders. I can't wait to go back to this place when I get back in town. Coach and I used to go all the time. And a big Dur on the Whitey's.