Wednesday, June 3, 2009

L & M Lunch Counter

The first greasy joint we visited is L & M Lunch Counter in Hoopeston, IL. We stopped there for an early lunch in April. L & M's is in the almost deserted downtown area of Hoopeston. This place could be straight out of The Sandlot.

Richie ordered his typical burger and fries

I ordered a hot ham sandwich with a pickle and mustard. Even though I ate breakfast about an hour earlier, I devoured this sucker.

We split a vanilla milkshake. It was very vanilla-y

L & M's was originally started across the street from it's current location. It was called the Darb and featured a pool hall and bowling alley. When the owner died in the 1950s, Larry and Mick Farrell took over the business. In the early 60s, L &M's moved to its current location at 307 East Main st. In 2008, it was sold to new owners but retains the same menu and location. Besides the cash register from 1992, it's like visiting a 50s time warp

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