Sunday, June 7, 2009

Big Dave and Holly's

Big Dave and Holly's occupies what used to be Dairy Sweet, (1204 N Cody) a walk up ice cream place in LeClaire Iowa. I think I had been there once before after a softball game in Princeton. Anyways, the place is a mini restaurant now so we decided to check it out before going to downtown LeClaire.

I love this sign and the Aqua Teen-esque characters:

I ordered a hot ham n cheese and a small twist cone. I enjoyed both, the sandwich had cheese on both pieces of bread. whoa getting crazy. but it could have used some pickles. Ive been on a big pickle kick lately. the ice cream was typical soft serve. I practically lived off of soft serve when I worked by DQ, so it's all good to me.

You can't tell, but the Mississippi river is right across the street. That's probably why the bugs were so bad. There is limited seating inside the building, but it was a nice day so we braved it.

Richie got a cheeseburger. We eat a wide variety of foods obv.

He said the burger was delicious because they buttered the bun up real good...( his heart must hate him)

The potato salad was "blah" and the fries were typical for a drive in.

I would eat there again on our next excursion to LeClaire, but chances are I will eat ice cream and the hot ham n cheese again. We will probably try out Lydia's or the Faithful Pilot ( ohh fancy) next time.

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