Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wrigley Field

On May 1st, we made the long annoying drive to chicago for a Cubs game. Important things first, we got our food...

Richie got a combo sandwich. This is why he will have a heart attack in 3 yrs.
Italian beef, cheese, a sausage, and giardiniera which I had to google--A hot and tangy, pickled pepper and jalapeno topping for Italian beef sandwiches, sausages, French dips, pastas, pizzas, and more.

That was gone before the first pitch.
But that's not all...
The Cubs came from behind to take the lead, so we stepped back onto the concourse to get a classic Chicago dog with grilled onions.

I had one of those mini Nancy pizzas which is not worthy of a picture.

Anyways, Cubs won and no one too obnoxious sat nearby. The 5 hour drive home sucked.

<-Probably taken before the onion dog

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