Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hennings Root Beer Stand

One burger was not enough...

One day after hitting up L&Ms for lunch, we visited Henning's Root Beer Stand in Hoopeston. (411 S Dixie Hwy)

Henning's has everything you would expect from a root beer stand

Homemade root beer...

Hamburgers and fries....

And a telephone to "phone in" in your order.
Sufficiently awkward and nerve racking when the whole restaurant can hear you be indecisive.

However, I did settle for a grilled chicken sandwich. Nothing too fancy.

Richie devoured his Ranch burger and fries
and a root beer or two.

It's what A&W tries to, but ultimately fails to be. Hometown deliciousosity. that's not a word. it's a state of being.

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