Friday, December 10, 2010

Earl of Sandwich

Recently, I traveled to Disney World to run the Wine & Dine Half marathon, because any thing that combines my two favorite activities- eating and running- I am there. After a day of generic park food and a seemingly never-ending bus ride full of grouchy children, we disembarked in Downtown Disney with rumbling tummies.

At this point, anything would be satiating, so we decided to stop at the first fast food place. Luckily, we ended up in front of The Earl of Sandwich. The line was nearly out the door, but Disney is nothing if not a great place to practice patience, so we waited...

We had plenty of time to peruse the menu, which was fairly large and tantalizing.

The hot sandwich menu is their pride and joy, because the sandwiches are assembled and then placed in a warm oven, so the flavors can mix and mingle in all kinds of naughty ways.

As we plodded through the line, we paraded by the large offering of exclusive side salads, chips, and desserts. I grabbed a bag of sea salt and vinegar chips for the long journey to sandwichdom.

The restaurant was seriously PACKED, so we awkwardly stood aside and attempted to avoid the chaos at the counter. It was too much, so when our number was up, we grabbed the sandwiches and galloped to a table outside.

I unwrapped my Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken and immediately shoved the warm 'wich into my mouth. Everything about this sandwich was sweet, including the bbq sauce, sweet ham, and pineapple. The bread was pretty incredible- soft, sweetened, and warm.

My mum went for the Full Montagu which exposed it's innards of roast beef, turkey, lettuce, tomato, two cheeses, and mustard sauce.

I quickly disgusted my mom by dissecting and inhaling my dinner in 3 minutes and we skipped off with blissful bellies into the bewitching World of Disney.

After riding Tower of Terror five times, running 13.1 miles,
eating the best spanikopita ever, and throwing up in the Detroit airport, we finally arrived home to Iowa. I decided to investigate this Earl of Sandwich and found out that it is, in fact, owned partially by the 11th Earl of Sandwich, Lord John Montagu. There are a dozen or so locations around the U.S. and you can link to a weird TLDR story of their origins here.

I guess if everyone in the world eats your namesake, you might as well 'make it rain' in your wallet. I would venture that The Earl of Sandwich would make it's inventor proud, by offering fresh fast sandwiches to the hungry masses.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Freight House Farmers' Market

A quick update on the Freight House Farmers' Market...

The entire building that previously housed the Freight House Restaurant, then Penguin's, Nan's, and Balls n Pucks, is now open for the year round Farmer's market. Though some of the rooms are sparse, other vendors are sure to fill up the vacant spots.

Antonella's is a pizza place in downtown Dport that also sells pizza by-the-slice at the Market. They traditionally make a Sicilian thin crust with traditional toppings including breakfast-style and the ever popular pepperoni.

Here's Richie munching away...

A nice, light, flavorful pizza

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't get delicious food and produce at the Market. Be sure to check it out Tuesdays from 3-6pm and Saturdays from 8am-1pm.