Friday, June 19, 2009

Village Corner Deli

So this is the least greasy joint so far, but I decided to review it because it's sort of a hole-in-the-wall place. Yesterday my mom and I decided to shop in the Village of East Davenport. It was hot as balls out, so we worked up an appetite. After drinking some sodie pops at Lagos, we found this deli at 1030 Mound street. My mom said Mound street used to be where all the hookers hung out.

I'm a big hater of Subway and this deli is why. First off, Village doesn't smell like a 13 yr old after gym class. Secondly, you get more than like two pieces of flat lunch meat. They have fresh cut meats and a bunch of cool sandwiches that they invented. You can also build your own by choosing the bread, meats, etc. The bread isn't a hoagie bun, it's two soft, thick slices. It's definitely an eat half now and save the rest for later kind of sandwich. Which is what i did. The price is comparable to that of a footlong from Subway. They have delicious sides like potato, fruit, and pasta salads.
I got a sandwich called "The Gobbler" which obviously has turkey on it. The bread was multigrain and awesome. It usually comes with a flavored mayo, but I am not a mayo fan, so I left that off and added Boetje's at home. The swiss cheese was real cheese, not a pasty square that sticks to the roof of your mouth.

Ok, enough ripping on Subway. The Village Corner Deli is for fans of Hungry Hobo and real sandwiches.
Thanks to my mom and her fabulous modeling

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