Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's been awhile since our last post, we've been busy eating at home and Red Robin, which is not a local greasy joint, but is especially delicious.
A couple weekends ago was Ribfest in downtown Davenport. They had a bunch of different BBQ vendors and some bands played on a stage. I guess Blue Oyster Cult played. Very exciting.

So we hit up a couple of the traveling vendors that were 'international award winners.' Check out the flames! Remember: after the fire, after all the rain, I will be the flame.

Richie got a chopped beef brisket sandwich and hot italian sausage. I got barbecue nachos.

Looks good right? Apparently Richie wasn't impressed. so he moved on to the sausage. hehe

So this one tasted about as good as it looks. Another disappointing wiener

Barbecue nachos! bbq pork, sauce, and nacho cheese on a salty bed of tortilla chips. Sounds like a wonderful idea. Why isn't this available on every ballpark menu in the United States?

I found out why later. didn't even get half way through this one...

So now on to the best !

Jim's Rib Haven is a local bbq restaurant in Rock Island, IL. They had a small booth there so I got me some RIBZ.

These were delicious and "fall off the bone" (as they say). Not bad for ribs cooked under a tent in downtown Davenport. The sauce is more sweet than spicy. They have even been featured on the Food Network, so you know it's good. I full expect Guy Fieri and his douchebag hair to roll into town to visit this place. And I expect us to visit the actual restaurant in the near future (531 24th St Rock Island).

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