Friday, September 25, 2009

Doughnut Duel

I was up and at 'em early one morning, so I decided to head out and get some breakfast to go. I already had a place in mind, South Park Bakery in Rock Island (513 20th st off 5th Ave). I had never before been there, but I read some good reviews and thought I'd check it out.

Being in Rock Island, there was about a 70% chance of it being a sketchy ass place and 40% chance of me being shot. So I grabbed my pocket knife and braved the journey to be pleasantly surprised by the cute little storefront. It is quite small on the inside with no seating, but it smells delicious and all the baked goods are displayed nicely under the glass counters.

Though immediately drawn to the cakes, cookies and brownies...

I was determined to get a breakfast food, so I chose a filled long john, an orange danish, and a strawberry danish. I felt a little rushed because some people walked in behind me. They had probably 10 flavors of danishes and a dozen different doughnuts. They did not have any cake doughnuts. My total was less than $1.80.

The vanilla long john was filled with bakery frosting! So basically I was eating cake anyway. I love cake.

The haul from South park

The danishes were fantastic. For real. I can't think of a better adjective to describe how good they were. The jams were very sweet, and the frosting was also flavored. None of these pastries are for people who complain about stuff being too sweet. who does that? (see below)

Well, I knew I was gonna eat all three of these suckers, even though it would upset my sensitive belly, so I stopped at Donuts and More (1717 Brady) again to get Richie something. It ended up being three somethings because, again, it cost less than $1.80. I was disappointed they didn't have their pumpkin flavored donuts yet, but they assured me that they will soon. Also, I realized that they have a much better selection earlier in the a.m. The early fatty gets the donut.

So I dropped off a blueberry donut to my mum and brought Richie the orange and lemon filled. Orange has just a slightly orangey taste with a vanilla glaze. R said the lemon filled tasted too fake lemon-y, but I liked it. (He's one of those people that would complain about food being too sweet or rich.)

Donuts and More
Lemon Filled and Orange glazed


Lemon cross section

Both places are locally owned and very retro feeling. I'd love to have one in my neighborhood, but I suppose being so far away makes it more of a special treat. Be sure to get to these stores early for the best selection (and because they close in the early afternoon).

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