Saturday, September 19, 2009

Deluxe Diner & Al's Beef

Richie's Road Trip by Richard Keith as dictated to Sarah. (i take no responsibility for violence or lack of humor-SC)

Chicago... the windy city
I headed to Rogers Park to meet up with friends at Lopinto's for a Hate party/house show
Highlights of Friday evening included deep dish pizza, drawing on the wall for 6$ and watching Lopinto super kick a photographer during Hate's set. Good times.

Saturday morning we set out for breakfast, and after being pleasantly greeted by several Chicagoans (weird, right?), we arrived at Deluxe Diner (6349 N Clark St.) It was a pretty cool place, not overly retro or fancy, just your basic eatery establishment.

We both got a large breakfast with eggs, hash browns, french toast, and bacon. The food was pretty decent, and our server was super attentive and polite. The only thing i could complain about was that it cost about $10 apiece. This is why cities suck.

So after seeing some Chicago sights, including the lovely park where 2 women were stabbed in the face earlier that month, we met up with some others to road trip to Champaign. We were all pretty hungry so we stopped to get food first. Eric and I both decided to get Al's Beef, a franchise restaurant with numerous Chicagoland locations. Because seriously, it was that or Jimmy John's, and who gives a crap about Jimmy Johns?

Chicago is known for its Italian beef establishments. I have yet to find places like this anywhere in the QC area, and I doubt I will.

Look at that beef simmerin

Al's Beef, much like other beef places, had the standard choices of beef, sausage, combo, and hot dogs. I was leaning towards combo, buuut i did have a 2 hour car ride, so i went with the beef with sweet peppers meal.

The fries from here were seriously some of the best fries I've had in awhile. Crispy, salty and delicious. The beef was pretty good as well, the meat was juicy and tasty, and the peppers and cheese were perfect. Not the best choice to eat in the car i should say, but i strategically used the wrap as a trap for all the juices that escaped.

Chicago is definitely one of those places that you could eat somewhere different every meal every day for a year and still have plenty of new places to try. Until next time..

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