Saturday, September 19, 2009

Urban Grind

We happened to be downtown one day and saw a little sign above a nondescript door that stated Now Serving Breakfast. Breakfast is, in my opinion, the best meal to eat at a restaurant. So we ventured back to that little yellow sign and found Urban Grind (221 Brady). It's a cute little coffee shop that seems to have a lot of regulars who work in the downtown Davenport area.

They had 2 women working, one doing coffee drinks and the other cooking in the back. They were both friendly women but it seemed like they would "tell it like it is" if provoked. They almost did when some guy tried to tell them how to make an espresso. I liked them.

They have a fairly small breakfast menu. I kept looking at the menu board and wishing we had come for lunch instead, because lasagna sounded pretty good. We ate at the counter because I'm a big fan of Cheers and wish I had a place where I can walk in and everyone yells, Sarah! and then I say something witty. But I digress.

Most of the menu is egg dishes, so I got a ham and cheese omelet with their "famous" rosemary fried potatoes. Richie got a country scramble that had sausage, mushrooms, and onions.

As you can see, my omelet was very pretty and the inside was full of ham. I wasn't a big fan of the potatoes, I think the rosemary wasn't my taste, but I liked their texture? I dunno, just wanted to say something positive. Grapes were grape-y.

The scramble was also full of goodies. It's nice to visit a restaurant that is generous with their toppings.

Neither of us are coffee drinkers, so if you visit drink at your own risk. I wouldn't know good from bad. I'm not even sure what an espresso is.

hey hey hey

Overall it was a pretty nice place. Nothing too impressive. The breakfast was good, fast, and served in just the right portion. Try it sometime if you happen to be downtown for...a drug deal, very important business meeting, or whatever it is people go downtown for.

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