Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We once again ventured into the wild and wacky world of west Davenport to visit Harlan's. Seriously, don't even try to go to their Wal-Mart. I don't want to be judgmental, but it's a trash ball convention in there. Once we made our way past Wal-Mart and the groups of kids running across the Kimberly Road in front of us, we found Harlan's. Originally named Triangle Truckport, it was opened on Thanksgiving Day in 1953 by Harlan Hagberg. They, obviously, catered to truckers heading down Highway 6. When I-80 opened and truck traffic was rerouted, the restaurant became a family diner and changed it's name to Harlan's (3923 W Kimberly Rd).

I'm always hungry right after work so I get faint and cranky if I don't eat right away. It was before 5 when we rolled into the parking lot. So us and the senior citizens enjoyed a quiet meal in the cute Village-Inn-esque restaurant.

Harlan's serves home cooked meals with homemade dressings, gravy, and real potatoes. They also serve breakfast all day. Who doesn't love that? Terrorists probably.
True to his irish ginger heritage, Richie opted for corned beef hash with cheesy hashbrowns, eggs, and toast. The hashbrowns were amazing-- not the shredded frozen kind you find elsewhere.

I got a grilled chicken sandwich with honey mustard, salad, and potato salad. I guess the theme of my meal was honey mustard because I used that as the salad dressing, and potato salad was made with it. It was very sweet.

The chicken breast was huge, so I cut it in half and ate just one booby. I don't eat buns, which people find weird, but gluten allergies are very real and not weird so pfft.

For dessert, we took a piece of caramel apple pie home. no picture cause I destroyed it before i thought of it. It's the third one on the dessert menu...

So if you happen to find yourself in west Davenport, stop at Harlan's. The servers were very nice and the food was A++ homemade yumminess. Supposedly their fried chicken is awesome and all their food is available for carryout (391-5560)

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