Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I wish I could go back in time and visit Lagomarcino's in the early 1900s. Just being in the original is like taking a shot of nostalgia. You feel all warm and fuzzy and wish you could experience the place like your grandparents did. The original is located on 5th Ave in Moline and opened as a candy store in 1908 by Angelo Lagomarcino, an italian immigrant. The business is still owned by the family. Since then, they have expanded into ice cream, sodas, and lunches. They are pretty famous for their hot fudge sundae which is served with the hot fudge on the side, so you can pour it on as you eat. Interestingly, the hot fudge recipe was bought off a traveling salesman in 1915.

We visited the Lago's in the Village of East Davenport, which used to be a pharmacy, then a Happy Joe's until 1997 when it became Lago's. While the Moline location has the same furnishings from 1908, the Davenport store has the same feel because it was furnished with booths and lights from old soda fountains in Iowa.

Lunches are light, featuring sandwiches on their delicious light rye bread, with chips, salads, or fruit platters. The desserts are truly decadent and rich, most of the menu is their original sundae concoctions. View the menu here and see for yourself.

We all tried different sandwiches, club, tuna salad, and roast beef. then, of course we tried different drinks, a raspberry malt which everyone fought over...

banana lemonade...

and a Lago- a soda that tastes like root beer with cherry grenadine. Of course they also have the sweet and syrupy green river- a bright green lime flavored soda.

Both Lago's continue to sell their fabulous chocolates and candy. It's expensive- 20$ a pound, but it's the best in the area. the chocolate is unbeatable. I always get a small bar for about $1.50. We also got some mint malted milk balls.

Anyone coming from out of town needs to stop here to try some ice cream or soda. It's a one of a kind Q-C experience.

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