Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunrise Cafe

North of the Quad-Cities you'll find a quaint little town called DeWitt, IA. DeWitt is most known's Pizza Hut? There's really no reason to go there except to see a cheap movie at the Opera House. This morning I decided we would go to their ice cream stand. Well that ended up being closed until 1, so we drove through the downtown area and found a place called the Sunrise Cafe (906 6th Ave).

It's nestled in a little strip mall, and let me tell you, it was hoppin with the after church crowd. They boasted giant cinnamon rolls and the whole place smelled like yummy breakfasts. We got some bewildered stares from the older folks who no doubt were wondering why such a pretty lady was with a such a creepy dude. JK! it was probably the tattoos.

Down to business. The waitresses were super sweet and friendly. The restaurant was very country looking and outdated, but they made a effort. The hanging baskets were nice.

Richie ordered the Farmer's breakfast which is a scramble with hashbrowns, sausage, veggies, and cheese. He also added some scrambled eggs and hot sauce on top. he creatively describes it as 'tasty'

I don't like heavy lunches, so I ordered the blackened chicken salad with honey mustard. The chicken was warm and juicy, the tomatoes and peppers were nice and fresh. Much better than I expected.

We both ate for less than $15 dollars and left with full bellies. I would call our little excursion a success. Sunrise is open daily for lunch and dinner as well. While you're there, check out Barnes Foodland's delicious bakery

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