Sunday, August 16, 2009

DeWitt Dairy Treats

Another excursion to DeWitt lead us to Dairy Treats (401 11th st), a cute little walk-up ice cream stand. It used to be a Tastee Freeze, but when they left, local owners took over, renamed the place, and changed up the menu a bit.
We went after dinner, so we checked out the ice cream menu. The ice cream is typical soft serve, but they mix up a special flavor each week. This week was cherry. However, I was excited to find that they still have butterscotch dipped cones! 80 yr old men and I can rejoice. They are becoming harder to find at Dairy Queens.

This is a small butterscotch dip in a sugar cone.

Am I the only one who sees Chris Farley's face in the butterscotch? looks like he's spewing out the mouth?

Richie got a small black raspberry malt which, as you can see, was very small but also very cheap- like 2 bucks. It's called portion control, and Americans should maybe practice it more often.

The ice cream was satisfying and the food being cooked inside smelled like a delectable carnival.

Great place to stop for ice cream in DeWitt, and probably the only place. Support local business!

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  1. Portion control & greasy joints don't seem to fit together! :)