Monday, August 10, 2009

Mary Sue's

Many people have seen Mary Sue's Cafe as they drive down Harrison Street, but few have actually stopped to eat there. So Saturday morning we decided to stop and try it out with Richie's parents, who were visiting from out of town.
Mary Sue's is obviously a breakfast joint for the locals. They serve it "all day" which means until 2 p.m. when they close.
When you first walk in the restaurant, you are bombarded with red, white, and blue. Christmas lights, stars, and many flags.

That's when I noticed the real name of the restaurant is actually Mary Sue's All-American Cafe.

That theme is prevalant in the decor as well as the menu where you can still find the post 9-11 freedom fries! Check out all the yummy breakfast choices...

It's a very homey place, the owner of the restaurant was also our server. I just looked in the Polk Directory and the owner is not Mary Sue, it's actually Carolyn. She was doing it all, including helping some old guy catch his bus.
Now on to the food. I ordered silver dollar pancakes which were a lot bigger than I expected. They were fluffy and perfect as pancakes can be. She offered to add chocolate chips or blueberries, but I declined. Instead, I rolled my scrambled eggs into the middle and ate them like burritos

Richie ordered "the Disaster" which is hashbrowns and scrambled eggs covered in sausage gravy.

He demolished it and proclaimed himself "Master of disaster"

We all left full and satisfied. This is such a cute little place for people looking for fast homemade breakfasts. Even though we weren't 'regulars' everyone was very sweet and no one stared at Richie's arms. Just a local hangout with nice people.
Here's a few pics of us enjoying the American atmosphere.


  1. Richie has some sexy arms. I am always distracted by them.

  2. That sausage gravy looks like shite. If you guys roll up to Minnie to stay with Jaci and I, I'll make you some serious sausage gravy. I don't play around.