Monday, November 23, 2009

Ham Shoppe

Just a couple more North Carolina joints and then we shall switch back to QC.
We decided to grab sandwiches at this place called the Ham Shoppe that we drove by multiple times. It always seemed busy, which is a good sign. However, not so good is when they are so busy that it takes forever to get your food.

There is a process involved in ordering. Instead of telling the workers what you want, they give you like a freaking scantron test and you mark off the boxes with ingredients you want.

We quickly filled ours out and turned them in. I ordered a smoked turkey sandwich on sourdough with lettuce, tomato, mustard, and pickles. Apparently the whole ordering process befuddled me, because I did not get my pickles or mustard! Also got a side of pasta salad.

Richie got roast beef on sourdough with a side of beans.

It seriously took about 30 minutes to get these sandwiches. Sure there were people in front of us, but come on... it's a sandwich. You slap it together and go.

The never ending pick up line

We got the order to go, so we hiked down this steep as hell hill and watched the rapids while we ate.

I was so hungry, I ate the sandwich in like 2 minutes, so I can't even really remember how it tasted, just that it was nothing special and a lot smaller than I expected.

Wolfin it down.

What a hobo...eating beans on a rock.

Roast beast

I don't know why this place was so busy. I mean, sure it's better than Subway, but what isn't? At least the scenery was nice?

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