Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Almost World Famous Cheeseburgers Grille

After a loooong hike through the North Carolina woods, Richie was ready for a challenge a la Man Vs. Food. It was time to stop by Pat's Almost World Famous Cheeseburgers Grille in Blowing Rock. Apparently they used to be Cheeseburgers in Paradise, but Jimmy Buffet said "enough of that."
The restaurant is located in a far corner of a Tanger Outlet Center. It was the only place to eat besides a chocolate shop. The menu was pretty basic, what you might expect from a place with such a long, telling name.
(If you can't figure it out, the menu is linked in the red up there)

The decor is blah... here are some outlet mall regulars and a famished me looking mysteriously sexy.

So I ordered a chicken salad. I cannot get this underline to go away now.
It was pretty basic, so forget it.

Now here is the beast Richie came to conquer. It's actually only one pound, and because he has eaten two Monster burgers from Hardee's in one sitting, it didn't really seem like much of a challenge to me. However, our waitress was thrilled and exclaimed "You are getting the pounder!" in her southern drawl. Her eyes got wide and she explained about the wall of fame. It is worth noting that the burger actually weighs 18 oz before cooking, and does in fact, weigh one pound after.

we somewhat cheated, I ate the two olives.

And so it begins....

and continues without much effort...

like 3 minutes later...

And the last bite was in.

So no one watched, or timed him, but it's not like he got any prize or fame. He still isn't up on their website. But he came, saw, and conquered the pounder. According to him and his dad, the burgers were really good- fresh and well seasoned. I'm pretty sure Richie ate another burger that night...

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