Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cook Out

After a trip to the Boone "Mall," we headed to this place called Cookout. One might say it looked a little "ghetto" because it was obviously a Wendy's that had the dining room removed and buzzing neon lights tacked on the roof, but it looked intriguing.

Similar to Sonic drive-ins, customers must either walk up or use the drive thru. It was a nice night, so we walked up and got our first glimpse of the huge heavenly menu. I say huge because they offer 36 varieties of shakes and heavenly because you can order just about anything as a side for your meal! Who wouldn't want to order a chicken sandwich with a side of chicken nuggets anda corn dog? Wash it down with peach cobbler or Hi-C punch milkshake. Oh- everything on the menu is less than $3.50.

The beverage choices also excited us because they have fountain Cheerwine. For those who don't know, it's a cherry pop found predominantly in the south and is usually sold in glass bottles.

While I ate a healthy dinner of fro-yo from Marble Slab and some Entenmann's cake, Richie ordered a chargrilled burger "cookout-style" with chili, coleslaw, mustard, and onions. (Similar burgers can be found on many menus down there.) For his side, he ordered fries with cajun seasoning.

The whole rest of the trip, he kept commenting on wanting to go back there, but we had to hit up other places and never made it back. I was disappointed as well because I really wanted to try a caramel cheesecake shake. Reportedly, they actually take a whole slice of cheesecake and shove it in the blender. Awesome.

When we got back to Iowa, I looked up info to see if it was a chain, and lo and behold, it is. Cook-Out started in Charlotte NC in 1990, supposedly by a disgruntled Wendy's employee. There are now 30 restaurants across NC. Not much else is known about the chain. CLICK HERE or on the menu sign picture for the glorious food details.

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