Sunday, October 25, 2009

Troy's 105 Diner

Our first greasy joint from our trip to North Carolina was the ultra shiny and neon Troy's 105 Diner in Boone. Troy's used to be one of a chain of diners called Mel's. You don't see many of these gems in the Midwest, so of course we had to stop and check it out.

The atmosphere inside is pretty old school cool. I was hoping to enter a 50's time warp, but it didn't really deliver. The Marilyn posters were kinda cliche and the clientele weren't greasers, just old southerners.

The menu has sandwiches and burgers named after dead people which is always charming. Really gets my stomach growling.

I got the James Dean Asian Chicken Sandwich. Not sure if there's any reason it's named after him, maybe he had a penchant for pineapple... or Asians? Anyways, it was quite tender and the grilled pineapple was awesome.

I washed it down with a butterscotch shake, because you can't go to a diner and not order a shake. It was very butterscotch-y, but I was too cold to eat much of it.

To amuse himself and himself alone, Richie got a Richie Valens Reuben. He said it was pretty good, so I asked him if it was better than The Buzz Coffee Shop's reuben and he said No.

The fries were okay, nothing special.

Overall the food was good enough, but like many diners, they don't really specialize in anything spectacular. It's a worth a trip for the friendly kitschy atmosphere. I mean, it's worth the trip if you find yourself in Boone, not worth the 12+ hr drive just to eat there.

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