Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tommy's Cafe

If you're looking for a true hole in the wall, you probably won't find Tommy's. How many times have I driven down 3rd street in Davenport and never noticed the Tommy's sign? I never noticed the porn shop next door either, but you gotta be lookin to find those.
Tommy's on a Friday morning was full of regulars. But no one really looked at us like we were out of place. We found a nice booth and got served beverages right away. After perusing the menu straight outta American Graffiti's prop room,

we made our selections and watched the hustle and bustle of older folks and construction workers coming in and out for donuts to go or a full meal.

There's really not much else to look at, but I suppose that's why almost the entire menu was under $7.00/ meal. No money wasted on outdated art or wilting flower baskets.

I ordered two poached eggs which, admittedly, arenot the kind of eggs you should order from a greasy joint, and a blueberry pancake. They also have apple cinnamon, chocolate chip, and banana nut cakes.

The eggs were okay and the pancake was a little overdone, but it was loaded with blueberries. I should've flipped that thing over to show you the delicious blue goo oozing out the pores.

Richie got a Smoky Mountain, which was, quite literally a mountain of eggs and cheese with little smokies on top. They look like burnt baby fingers to me.

Check out those hashbrowns. I'm a fan of anything burnt and crunchy, besides baby fingers.

Though we had to wait awhile for our food, I would give Tommy's 3.5/5.o on my arbitrary scale. The food was cheap and greasy, but it could have been better. Plus, almost all the regulars were fatties, so it's obviously not a healthy choice.
However, I grabbed a maple donut on the way out, and wow, that was delicious. Even after sitting there all morning it was melt in your mouth soft. I wish it rained Tommy's donuts.

Tommy's is open M-Sat. 5:30 am- 2pm and Sundays from 5:30 am to Noon. They serve breakfast all day, as well as sandwiches at lunch, and made from scratch donuts.


  1. I just found your blog and found your review of Tommy's in Davenport. I have to tell you I really took offense at the comment 'almost all the regulars were fatties....'. Why would you make a comment like that??? i am a regular there and good friends with the owners. Did you read the history of the restaurant, comment on the whole family plus long time employees that work there? Nope, just the fatties that eat there. Done reading this blog.

    1. The food is not for the health conscious. That is why I wrote that. Laterzzz