Thursday, October 8, 2009

Burger Barge

Ahh finally we made a trip to East Peoria to visit the infamous Burger Barge. In the 4 yrs Richie lived in Peoria, for some reason, we never ate there. We got the chance when his mom called me and asked me if we could meet them in Peoria for a surprise birthday dinner. I chose the Burger Barge as our destination.

Though not a barge, or shaped like a barge, it is by the river. ON a nicer night we would have sat out on their poop deck. heh heh. The decor is kitschy riverboat mixed with Nascar and neon lights. Unfortunately, it was too dark to get decent pictures.

The menu is a mishmash of crazy burgers and sandwiches. Click here to view. Richie considered "buying The Farm" which means ordering a 9 oz burger, a butterfly porkchop, and chicken breast on a bun. I think the Red WHite and Moo would be the most challenging to eat, two 9 oz burgers sandwiching a butterfly pork chop. There is no way you could get your mouth around that. Though they specialize in burgers, they also have sandwiches called barges that are made with chicken, steak, or fish.

I got a Caribbean Chicken Sandwich that had grilled chicken, pineapple, ham, lettuce, and tomato on their special pelican bread. Made with real pelicans, i hope.

Stick a fork in me

Obviously not a fancy joint, the food is served on lunch trays and wax paper. Does nothing to detract from the taste.

Richie got the Tavern burger, which includes a 9 oz burger, onions, cheese, bacon, grilled ham, and a fried egg. I will miss him after his coronary at 40.

Single patty burgers and sandwiches cost 5-7 dollars and doubles 7-9. Fries are extra and also unnecessary. You can, however, get them directly on your sandwich in an "anchor pie." And if you can't decide between pizza or burgers, you can get an anchor pie smothered in pizza sauce and toppings. (You fat slob.)

Many of the ceiling tiles in the restaurant are full of graffiti and a trip to the bathroom was a treat. Most of the tiles were filled with men-bashing quotes, trashy, yet slightly entertaining.

They put in a chalkboard to encourage non-permanent graffiti, so I pissed and wrote a nice little message.

I look forward to returning to the Burger Barge to try another crazy concoction..well I'll probably just get chicken again. But watching someone make a pig out of himself is amusing enough. (see: Man Vs. Food)

Bonus- who doesn't like photo grazing? Check out the cake I've been noshing on for the past 4 days

and obligatory Richie making a dumb face picture....

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  1. I'm going there tonight, I'll put up a link to this at my post on Monday. So you have that to look forward to! I know, how will you contain the excitement until Monday? Maybe Tupperware? I'm cracking myself up over here! Nice blog, by the way!