Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jarling's Custard Cup

I have quite the sweet tooth but it was actually Richie who wanted to stop at Jarling's Custard Cup after our dinner at Gross' Burgers.  Even though I had just eaten ice cream, the menu sucked me in and many flavors begged to be enjoyed.  When you've been open for over 60 years, there's a lot of time to create new and delectable flavors and treats.

Custard Cup was first opened in 1949 by George and Helen Potter.  George created the original custard recipe.  They retired in 1969 and the Jarling family bought the business.  The family still owns and operates it today.

We drove up around 8 pm and there was a short line of people waiting to order at the windows.  It gave me ample time to check out their menu and make a knowledgeable decision.  I take my frozen treats seriously. Vanilla, chocolate, lemon, orange, and strawberry custard are always available for your tasting pleasure.  They also rotate in other flavors each week.  If I recall, the weekly flavor was Butter Pecan.
Shakes with mix-ins are called Snowstorms.  Typical.  The ice cream pies sounded awesome but I didn't want to display my gluttony in public.  The full menu is online here.

So what did I choose?  I finally settled on a dip of chocolate custard with marshmallow topping.  Relatively tame, but I wanted to be sure I could taste and feel the custard.  That sounds odd.    Ever the sour one, Richie chose his typical lemon custard. 

We sat at a picnic table on the side of the building and enjoyed our frozen delights.  The custard was rich and smooth, very filling compared to the soft serve I had earlier.  I only ate about half of my sundae before I threw in the towel.  The chocolate tasted a bit artificial, or maybe it was the topping, but it wasn't my favorite chocolate dairy treat.  If I go back, I'd like to try orange.

Richie claims Jarling's has the best lemon custard he has ever had.  "Best lemon custard ever. I have yet to find an equal."  That's the most glowing review he has ever given any sweet treat.  He also ordered a green river and gave that a less than stellar review.  "It was clearly made with off brand lime syrup, not official green river flavoring. And it had that crappy slush ice that I hate because it immediately waters stuff down."  I think Lagomarcino's sets the bar pretty high, but I have to agree with his account.  I took one sip and all I could taste was odd flavored water with a hint of lime. 

Overall I would recommend Custard Cup.  It seems to be popular with the locals which is always a good sign.  It's definitely a smoother and more filling treat than a DQ creation, and if you're a fan of custard it's the obvious choice.

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