Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gross' Burgers

On a trip to Eastern Illinois, we got a tip to check out a burger joint called Gross’ Burgers.  Anyone who can succeed for 30 years with that name must make a mean burger, so we drove to Danville to check it out.  
 When I see a sign for “gross burgers” I conjure up an image of Wendy’s Jr bacon cheeseburger.  Thankfully, these were nothing like that.

The place is pretty small with several metallic chairs and tables crammed into the dining area and a tall counter where customers place their orders. 

 It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the owner was in the Marine Corps.  Based on the jungle décor, I’m guessing that he’s a Vietnam vet which automatically makes him a total badass.  Above the door is a mural complete with the front half of a jeep, a machine gun, and empty shells.  Uniforms and American flags adorn the opposite wall.  

 After we ordered and the infantry got to work, we found a place to sit and I took in the surroundings.  I was inspired to start a ‘Nobama’ chant but our burgers arrived and my mouth got too busy.

If you’re like me and have a hard time making decisions, Gross burger is the perfect place.  It is decided that you will have a burger.  If you want a side, it will be fries.  Ice cream presented a problem because I wanted a half and half twist cone.  They do not have chocolate ice cream. So I chose to have blue goo swirled in.  They ran out of the goo.   Finally, I settled on a cone with watermelon swirl.  Shakes are also available in vanilla, chocolate, banana, strawberry, and cherry.  The special is the All American (f*ck yea) meal which, unsurprisingly, includes a massive amount of food for under 7 bucks.  Can you guess what Richie ordered?

The meat for the burgers is ground daily which immediately trumps any fast food burger you’ll find.  (Still waiting for a restaurant that keeps their cows out back.)  The patties are grilled and flattened to the size of a saucer.    I ordered a simple hamburger with pickles, ketchup, and mustard.  The burger spilled out the sides of the bun, so Red and I started with the well done edges.   After the long journey to the center of the burger, I was full, but the burger was just getting to it’s juiciest. 

Feast your eyes on Richie’s triple cheeseburger.  Though the crust of the burger looks well done, you can still see pink in there.  Ooh Rah.   He went on the offense and gobbled that thing up.  

The fries are pretty standard looking but they are dressed in a light garlic salt.  Each table is locked and loaded with little containers of garlic salt and cayenne pepper.    

 Someone was also clumsy enough to dump about a gallon of garlic salt on the floor by the trash cans.  My shoes still smell delicious.  

 The ice cream was fun because of the red swirl which really did taste like watermelon…well…  Laffy Taffy watermelon, because real watermelon tastes like air.    After dessert we evacuated by chopper and Operation Frequent Binge was complete.  

Gross’ Burgers is just the place we love to visit and blog about.  The setting is interesting and homey, the service is fast, and the food is delicious.  If you’re in Danville for lunch, go get Grossed out.
Here’s a great article from another Gross’ Burgers fan.
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