Monday, August 2, 2010

The Belgian Village Inn Drive-Thru

Faithful readers (mom? no?) may recall that we previously sojourned to the olde town district of Moline to visit the Belgian Village Inn restaurant and pub. We learned about the Belgian neighborhood and how the place came to be known for Loretta Ceurvorst's giant loaves of bread and, later for her famous VanDeRueben sandwiches. As demand for their sandwiches grew, the family decided to open another location to serve carry-out and drive-through orders. The Belgian Village drive-through restaurant with carry out and seating inside is located at 532 19th Ave., Moline.

Before posting, I thought I should attain some background information on Belgium, so I snatched a children's library book aptly titled, Belgium. I was instantly smitten when I read, "it takes 3 Belgians to make a party." I continued to read and, in my mind, likened Belgium to the fat guy at the frat, drinking too much, munching overly sweetened waffles, and claiming to have invented french fries. The one that, when sober, recounts improbable stories about extinguishing massive fires with piss, like Belgian folk hero Mannekin Pis . As we all know, it's easy to seduce such characters, and Germany took advantage of that not once, but twice.

But apparently, Belgium's got balls now...

and delicious foods.

Bateman and Richie took their bromance to the next level with a lunch date at the Belgium drive-through location.

If Belgians like their food savory and sweet, then Richie must be part Flemish. He ordered the gigantic VanDeRueben on raisin bread. The sweet bread is blanketed with thousand island dressing, then draped with thin slices of corned beef, swiss cheese, and sauerkraut.

Bateman took the more conservative route with light rye bread. n00b.

Impressive bite!

The lunch culminated with a (Belgian?) chocolate chip cookie. Fun Fact: Brussels Airport sells more chocolate than anywhere else in the world. I'd love to have a layover there!

So check out either location of the Belgian Village Inn for a hearty sandwich and sweet treat! They'll make just about any reuben variation that you could dream of. Alstublieft!

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  1. i went to belgium once. it was an accident - i missed my train stop. it was a lengthy mistake and there was no chocolate involved. suck-o. definitely no reubens.

  2. i always pictured Belgium as a giant Willy Wonka type country filled with chocolates. bummer.