Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lagomarcino's confectionary

I went back to beloved Lagomarcino's, but this time it was just a quick trip to the original Moline location to peruse their Easter candy. Both my parents have fond memories of going to this store and drinking green rivers, and now I do as well.

A whole book could be written about the history of Lagomarcino's and actually has been, Sweet Memories by Bill Wundram. We have it at our library, so go to our website and search if you're that interested. Lago's isn't just some little candy shop that opened in a mall. The Lagomarcino family has a 70 yr history as a professional chocolatiers.

Lagomarcino's is well known for their chocolate Easter eggs that are filled with chocolate candies. Sound rich? Ohhh yeaaah. A tradition for almost 80 yrs, they come in varying sizes, with the smallest being the kid's size for 7.99 and the largest being around football size at 69.99. That's a 3 1/2 lb chocolate egg (milk or dark) with over 5 dozen candies packed inside. I just want to know how they fill it?

The grand daddy:

Mama egg, baby egg
Part of their window display

The gourmet food mag Saveur ran an article on their eggs one year and they ended up filling 2 1/2 UPS trucks with eggs. I'd like to fill 2 1/2 of my stomachs with eggs.

An interior shot of the old store

Everything is all Easter'ed up.. getchyo pastel on

Cutesy bunny baskets and buckets of goodies

a variety of chocolate candies all dolled up in their Sunday best

Varying sizes of cream filled eggs.
You can choose from maple, raspberry, vanilla, fruit and nut and more. I chose maple. you know...for Easter...or lunch.

More fresh cream filled eggs. have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

Like gay men's polo shirts, they even come in Easter pastels (white chocolate)

Go nuts for coconuts! Chocolate coconut nests filled with Jelly Bellys.
But let's not forget about St. Paddy's day. Binge on these delicious mints and meltaways. Fresh breath and no hangover !

These are not peeps by any means. They're "crystallized" creams a.k.a. butter and sugar wearing a delicious coat of more sugar.

Lots of beautiful bulk candies for Easter baskets- malted milk balls, sours, jellies, and balls of other persuasions.

Honestly, I wouldn't waste these gourmet candies on little kids. Throw a few jelly beans, Cadbury eggs, and Reeses cups in their baskets, then create a gourmet basket for the adults. It's a nice sweet ending to a salty ham dinner.

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