Monday, March 15, 2010

Chicago Trip part 2: Golden Nugget

So to continue my adventure to Chicago, the second day found us going to breakfast at the Golden Nugget. I use the term breakfast loosely as it was well after 11 by the time we got to the establishment. This was mostly due to the fact that we slept too late for Dr. Donuts and that it took forever for us to get our asses in gear.

The decor here was pretty standard family restaurant stylings. There was a decent amount of seating considering the size of the place. Apparently the guy in this picture didn't enjoy the fact that my party was seated next to his, as we were a rough looking bunch.

The food choices were also pretty standard for a 24 hour, breakfast all day place as well. I went with the corned beef hash with eggs and pancakes. The hash was all right, a little undercooked for my taste, the eggs were eggs, you can't really screw those up. The pancakes were actually really good. They reminded me of village inn's pancakes in their light and fluffy texture. Did I mention that I was drinking coffee? yeah, I never drink coffee. This is probably why i was slightly jittery on the drive back to the house.

The Golden Nugget is a good place to sit, eat, relax, have some coffee and discuss the plans for that afternoon. Or to just have a decent meal and stay out of the cold.

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