Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chicago Weekend Part 1: Sushi Station

So upon my recent trip to Chicago, Mr. Lopinto and I found ourselves in the wonderful suburb of Mt. Prospect. Home to Mitsuwa, Guitar Center, and of course, the Sushi Station. With 2 locations in the greater Chicago area, Sushi Station is the only Kaiten-Sushi place I've been to in the U.S. Which translated to Engrish is revolving sushi bar.

So we decide to go there first as it was a Friday would most likely be busy later. Little did we know that it was already a 30 minute wait. This is the sight the beheld us upon arrival, a full house. crap. As you can see, The seating in the place is pretty limited, as you have to be sitting on the conveyor in order to grab pieces of sushi out that you so desire. the people on the right are in the waiting area which must have been nice, since we were in the foyer waiting for a spot to free up on the wall. This actually took me back to Japan a bit with memories of being crammed into small places in order to get a bite to eat.

Ok, so after about 20 minutes of standing we started getting irate. It was at this point that we singled out people that either were not eating or taking too damn long to eat. Some young girls were meticulously picking at their food, clearly not regular sushi eaters. A group of 4 took our table due to us being a party of 2. And then this Anthony Bourdain wanna be jackass putting on his coat in the pic sat at his table well over 15 minutes just chatting up this lady. Did i mention how i hadn't eaten food for a good 6 hours at this point? So finally after about 10 more minutes we finally get seated and get down to business.

Here is our seating on the bar section. You'll note there is a fairly minimal window of opportunity for you to grab what you want out of the conveyor system, So you've got to be on your toes. Also located on the conveyor is a pricing chart. Each color plate denotes a different dollar amount. I started grabbing plates immediately, leading with some delicious tuna which you see before you

then began the onslaught of rolls. a spicy crab roll, some scallops, and then the duo of spicy, magma rolls and wildfire rolls. and then i was done for

After a valiant battle i threw in the towel, and Lopinto won with his damn shrimp harmonys.

So if you find yourself in the burbs, make sure to stop by for this revolving sushi experience. just make sure you beat the dinner rush


  1. my good friends was just telling me last night about a place like this in LA. we were talking about gettin some sushi soon. sounds delish