Saturday, April 23, 2011

La Rancherita

The Quad Cities has a fairly large Hispanic population, and many restaurants claim to serve authentic Mexican food, but who really knows? Well, La Rancherita certainly backs up their claim. The owners hail from San Jose de Gracia, Mexico. They opened their restaurant in Rock Island (4118 14th Ave) in 2004 with a goal of serving families hearty food at a reasonable price.

La Rancherita is open for all 3 meals, but the boys chose to stop by for lunch.

Like most Mexican restaurants, service was prompt and polite. La Rancherita certainly doesn't look like a typical sombrero-on the-wall Mexican restaurant. They really do try to make it a family-friendly experience by providing ample seating.

 Of course, each meal begins with a bottomless supply of chips and salsa. Their salsa is actually a chunky, spicy, pico de gallo.  Has a nice kick to it that will clear out your sinuses.

Though tempted to order Lengua- tongue, Richie went for a sure to please, gut-busting burrito. 

The burrito was stuffed full of chorizo, lettuce tomato, onion, and cheese and wrapped tighter than a tick.

The other guys ordered a torta, similar to our American sandwich, and soft shell tacos.  The torta was a rainbow of colors and flavors consisting of carne asada, avocado, sour cream, beans, lettuce, tomato, and cheese.

Dan did double duty on chicken and steak tacos, a mountain of meat with a cheese covered peek of freshly grated cheese.

According to my memories of high school Spanish, La Rancherita means, the little ranch. And this little ranch is well worth visiting.  Check out the prices on the menu...

Muy impresionante!  Visita La Rancherita, ahora! 

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