Thursday, March 31, 2011

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is well-known chain throughout a good portion of the country. The couple who began the restaurant in 1986 had 4 sons and soon added a fifth, hence the name, Five Guys. It began in Virginia and soon expanded to locations around the D.C. area, garnering a cult following. Franchising soon followed, and Five Guys can now be found in 40 states. Of course Iowans are about 5 yrs behind, so we don't have one...yet. It is, however, getting closer.

Being foodies...well more like, 'fast foodies,' both of us had heard of Five Guys a while ago and even ate a similar restaurant called Meatheads in Schaumburg. During a trip to Peoria we discovered an empty store space with signs in the windows proclaiming the impending opening of Five Guys. A couple months later, Richie was able to make the trek to Peoria to try it out, but I could not. :(

There are few unique attributes of Five Guys. The menu is deceptively simple, serving just burgers, fries, hot dogs, and Cokes. However, they claim that their burgers can be served in 250,000 different ways.
Their beef is never frozen- in fact, stores do not have freezers. They do have coolers to keep the meat fresh. Lastly, they use peanut oil, so everything is trans-fat free. I'm sure that was on Richie's mind when he ordered.

The interior of the restaurant is very clean and open. Customers order at a counter and can watch the cooks perform in their open kitchen. When your number is called, bounce up with anticipation and try not to drool on yourself as you pick up your food.

Hungry diners can choose their own unique combination of toppings and sauces.

Fries are fresh cut and can be salted or seasoned cajun-style.

Richie's double burger was overflowing with cheese, bacon, mushrooms, mayo, and bbq sauce. The burger was well done but still juicy and flavorful.

Fries are served in ample amounts and Richie raved about the Cajun seasonings.

Check out these thick potato fingers.

Five Guys does it right, by focusing on making quality food, rather than a variety of food. Of course when you do this, you can't please salads or chicken on the menu, so leave your skinny bitches at home.


  1. i love five guys!!! i am so happy they are in Peoria now.

  2. I found your blog while doing a search for "Five Guys" and "Davenport" as I've been hearing rumors that a Five Guys may be going into the old space where Fuddruckers/T.G.I. Friday's was located.

    I run a blog that follows the similar quest for your love for greasy spoons, good burgers, and pizza throughout the Midwest. You may want to check out