Monday, June 21, 2010

Southside Drive-In

Between Hoopeston and Watseka Illinois sits 0.6 square miles of land, the small township of Milford. Milford got it's name from a grist mill that was located on the forde at Sugar Creek. Why does this matter? It doesn't really, because most people will never set foot in Milford. But if you are looking for a good burger and happen to stumble into Iroquois County, you may want to make a stop at Southside Drive In.

He doesn't exactly scream 'delicious food' as much as 'food poisoning.'

According to my sources, the Southside Drive-In (500 S. Chicago St.) took over what used to be a Dairy Queen, some years ago when DQ moved to N. Chicago St. Already set up for cooking and serving ice cream, it made sense to open up a similar establishment with local flair.

All the beef they use is fresh from local farmers. The seafood on the other hand...

Can you taste a difference between fresh and frozen beef? Richie thinks so, as his burger was better than what you'd get at a similar joint. Thick and juicy.

The french fries, on the other hand, were like a disabled stepchild. Uninteresting and a tad on the limp side. You just bring them along so the burger has someone to talk to.

The toppings were fresh and crisp. Check out that beautiful onion.




The ice cream is typical soft serve, but they offer tons of different flavors. However, they use flavored syrups rather than actual ingredients. That's a bit of a turn-off, but then again, you get to try some unique flavors. Where else can you try "carmel" "ameretto" or "marshmellow?"

The flavor variety helps set them apart from the ol' Queen. That and the "cyclone" shakes they offer rather than "blizzards." Don't call them "tornadoes"- remember, that moniker is reserved for the shakes at Tastee Freeze. If I ever open an ice cream stand, I think I would buck the trend and have my customers asking for Snickers' Seizure or a Pink Parkinson's

When life gives you lemon flavored syrup,

Make subpar lemon flavored ice cream

Blueberry shake

Needs more Blue.

Richie was not a big fan of the ice cream. He said his blueberry shake was more like a blewberry shake, but the joke didn't quite translate when said out loud. However, he and his parents are and were fans of the burgers and steaks, and they like that the meat comes from local farmers.
Give their burger a try if you ever end up in Milford. Then skip up the road to DQ for dessert. Because, honestly, what other options do you have?

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