Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DP Dough

Believe it or not, this nondescript red awning serves as the gates to cheese heaven.

DP Dough: The Pizza Alternative is the cheesiest joint ever. They don't serve pious pizza in heaven, but they do serve some consecrated calzones.

Place your order with St. Bartholomew, patron Saint of cheese merchants.

DP Dough has 2 Locations in Illinois located in the pre-obesity student-filled college towns of Champaign and Bloomington. It's good to hook em before they realize their eating habits will leave them with diabetes and stretchy pants.

You can customize a calzone in the Construction Zone. But this may be difficult when you're wandering the streets after a bar crawl. So you can just choose one from their menu which includes the following categories of zones- Breakfast, Steak, Beef, Veggie, Chicken, Premium, and Classic. Within each category are around half a dozen calzones such as School Zone with steak, mushrooms, and mozzarella, the Speed Zone with chicken, spinach, garlic, and mozz and the Titan Zone with pepperoni, pineapple, spinach, and mozz.

Beatify the sacred special for lunch. $7.99 for a huge 'zone, cookie, and pop. For the devoted, try the faithful 420 special- 4 calzones for $20 on Thursdays.

Righteous Richard entered the Gates of Cheesedom and reunited himself with his beloved Mozzarella in the form of a Roni Zoni.

A calzone stuffed with Pepperonis, mozzarella, and ricotta cheese.

As you can see, the cheese could not be entombed by the cavernous dough. It resurrected itself to the box in one gelatinous heap.

Yes those are thick cut fries on the side, because a monstrous satchel of cheese was not enough to satisfy reverent Richard

It is quite evident that these calzones are meant for two very hungry cheese zealots.
They DO NOT have pizza, but their stix are pretty close to being pizza. The dessert ones are filled with apple and come with a caramel dipping sauce. Praise the lord! The price is reasonable and it's a fun and tasty alternative to impious pizza.

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