Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stacker's Mexican Grill

There is a hidden gem in the deep recess of NorthPark Mall in Davenport. Stacker's Mexican Grill is in the midst of Sears, the random junk Dollar store, and the old Sam Goody that now houses a sports souvenir shop. Not an ideal location, but they make do.

Stacker's opened just over a year ago in what used to be a shady Chinese take out restaurant errr window? Stacker's is basically what you see here. A rainbow Lucido font sign, counter, and menu board. In the middle of the mall hallway are a bunch of tables for your dining pleasure.

The menu includes typical Mexican takeout staples. And then there's a bottle of ketchup just hanging out. Enjoying the view.

Apparently "Big-ass Burrito" is their specialty.

All that styrofoam makes me cringe. Not because of it's inability to biodegrade, but because of the terrible squeak it produces.

I think they stuffed everything they could find into the flour tortilla. Rice, salsa, beef, beans, and veggies. Congrats burrito! That makes this is the healthiest food he ate all week.

Richie very much enjoyed this burrito and it kept him full the rest of the day. He said the ingredients were fresh and tasty. At only $4, I'd say that is quite the bargain. Also, the restaurant is very clean and service is fast.

At least they didn't waste money on sombreros and ugly burro statues

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