Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Giorraíonn beirt bóthar

DeKalb is located about 2 hours from Davenport, just off the tollway to Chicago. Why go to DeKalb? Richie met up with a friend to see the band Clutch play at the club Otto's. After aimlessly wandering through the downtown area, they arrived at 5 to pick up their tickets, but apparently DeKalb is in a Twilight Time zone, as 5 p.m. will-call turned into 8 p.m. With some free time on their hands, they pulled a Toucan Sam and followed their noses to O'Leary's Irish Pub and Grill (260 E Lincoln Hwy).

Supposedly the smell of the grill lured them in, but I think Richie's Irish ginger compass lead them to this mildly Irish restaurant.

Upon entering, he experienced some trepidation, as it looked like a typical 'shit on the wall' restaurant like your local Applebee's or Friday's. *Note to Applebee's- Muggsy Bogues posters are no longer relevant to your dining crowd.*

The brick building that houses O'Leary's used to be a JC Penney store in it's heyday. Nonetheless, as they say in Ireland, "A cabin with plenty of food is better than a hungry castle."

The menu includes traditional Celtic fare such as Baja Chicken Quesadillas and Jamaican Jerk Salad. Just like the leprechauns eat! You'll find typical bar food here, but with a few spicy twists.

Copper Top Young ordered the BBQ Ranch Burger with sweet potato fries...that look like bars of gooooold.

Enough and no waste is as good as a feast.

Well, he was pleasantly surprised by the burger, as it was tastier than your local Bennigan's offerings-- slightly more original in it's construction and made from superior meat. The burger was adorned with cheddar cheese, bbq sauce, chipotle mayo, onion strings, smoked bacon, lettuce, and tomato. No pot o' gold, but more of a pot o' fat.

The innards of the blessed burger.

The sweet potato fries were crispy, salty, and sweet, all adjectives that describe only the finer things in life.

Do not be deterred by the generic look and feel of the place and menu. Irish jig your arse on down to O'Leary's for some good bar food and drink.

And then see a sweet band like Clutch...

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