Monday, February 22, 2010

Village Inn

Well sometimes you have a hankering for something from a chain restaurant. For us, it's usually for Red Robin or Cracker Barrel, but this time it was for a Village Inn breakfast. Everyone has a diner they frequented in high school where they spent hours annoying diners and waitresses. Village Inn was just that place for me. my friends and I spent hours there sipping hot chocolate and dissecting pieces of pie. If you don't have a Village Inn, a Perkin's or Baker's Square might have been your place.

I also have many good memories of eating with my grandparents and family at Village Inn. I don't think I have ever had a bad meal from there. The decor is pretty typical of this type of restaurant. Kinda blah but no one notices anyway. The booths are comfy though!

Both of us had breakfast on our minds since our failed attempt at eating at Symposium (yuck!) So Richie ordered a double bacon double cheese skillet. It's like the ice cream sundae of breakfast foods. Breakfast potatoes topped with scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon. Apparently this one had double the amount of cheese and bacon. Comes with your choice of pancakes or that really a hard choice?

He's not sucking his food through a straw...yep, that is cheese. I must say, that skillet was mighty cheesy. Every forkful had a massive amount of delicious goo.

I'll be honest, my omelet was made with Egg Beaters because I had to have my cholesterol tested the next morning. I had to add extra salt and pepper to add some flavor, but the consistency was nice and fluffy. The ham, green peppers and onions folded inside were delicious. Hashbrowns were good, but I like them a little crispier. Actually, I like my potatoes burnt, so I ate the browned part. The pancakes were so big and fluffy. Richie devoured his and most of mine.

I flipped through the dessert menu like 9 times. You can't go to VI and not review a slice of pie. Every Wednesday you get a free piece, but it wasn't Wed., so we paid the 3 dollars and change for a slice of lemon meringue.

The lemon filling was very sweet, but the meringue was my favorite part. It was a delicious pillow of marshmallowy goodness. I wanted to bury my head in it and fall asleep.

Here I am paying at the counter, trying to ignore the pie case. A must have around the holidays is their Candy Cane Pie. My family sort of obsesses over it as we rush through our ham dinner.

For a breakfast guaranteed to satisfy, try Village Inn. The rest of the menu isn't bad either, but not worth blogging home about.

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  1. VI s definitely the restaurant I miss *most* from Iowa. Found one in FL while on vacation last summer, and we ate there twice. ;)