Friday, February 19, 2010

Dewey's Cafe at the Library

Just a quick post about a cozy little place inside the happening Bettendorf Public Library...

I worked at the library from 2004-2006. I distinctly remember the wonderful aromas that would waft through the library around 11 am. They originated in Dewey's Cafe, located off the lobby of the library (2950 Learning Campus Dr.).

Dewey's Cafe (formerly the Novel Cafe until 03) is owned by the very friendly Brinson family, who are often found in the cafe, cooking and serving customers. Their soups are very well known and appreciated by patrons and you can click here to see their daily soups and other menu items. Though I haven't had one for a while, their sandwiches are great, prepared with very fresh ingredients and flavorful breads.

My last stop there was on library related business, so I just had time to grab a drink and treat to go. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, frankly all the choices scare me, so I ordered a hot cocoa. But that too presented me with many choices- white or dark, flavored, whipped cream or no? I went for dark, no flavor shot, and no whipped cream. The consistency was light and frothy, not syrupy at all. It definitely had a more bitter and authentic taste than the powdered stuff or gas station cocoa. Kids probably wouldn't like it, but I enjoyed it much better than ol' Swiss Miss. I also recommend trying their Chai tea. It has a nice vanilla flavor.

where's the chocolate?

hiding beneath the froth

I plan on doing a hot cocoa throwdown, comparing several different coffee shops. My tongue eagerly awaits.

On a whim, I decided to grab a delicious looking brownie with cheesecake swirled throughout. At first taste, it was just okay, I'm not really a brownie edge person. The middle was definitely better because it was fudgy and chewy. It was pretty rich, but not so much that I wouldn't have eaten all of it if I could.

Looks appetizing, just sitting on my car seat and important papers

Definitely stop by Dewey's sometime. The atmosphere is very chill, no one seems hurried, and everyone is relaxing, chatting, or reading. It's a nice departure from the chaos within the library.

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