Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Osaka Sushi Bar

Can you really trust a sushi bar that sits openly in the middle of a mall in Davenport Iowa?
According to iron stomach Richie, you can...

Now that he works at Northpark Mall (Kimberly Rd), he often partakes in the lunch special at Osaka's Sushi Bar. I have eaten at the sushi bar and the full steak house with him before, always just getting tamago, which is sweet fried egg folded over rice. Not a fish fan.

The full restaurant, on Utica Ridge Rd, is no greasy joint. Along with the sushi bar, they offer hibachi, tempura, and teriyaki menus. You can view their full menu HERE

They offer daily specials on some crazy rolls like the Party Boy or Godzilla. All kinds of weird stuff shoved in there.

The Osaka Sushi Bar location is about 10 miles away, in the middle of the mall, right next to JC Penney.

It's down the hall from the food court, where most of the "restaurants" are. It's in a bit of an awkward position, the tables are out on the mall floor, and you can watch as passerbyers gape at you in horror or envy as you shove your face with raw fish and weird sauces.

But the food is freshly prepared in front of you in the very small bar area. We have never been served a questionable piece, but then again, it all looks the same to me. You can even order a Japanese beer while you wait, but we prefer the green tea. Service can be a bit slow during the lunch hour, as they usually only have one server and two chefs. It's one of the few places in the mall I would eat, and by far the cleanest, with the cleanest workers as well.

Here's the lunch special, in which Richie partakes...

Fried fish rolls and spicy tuna rolls for $6.99

and the tamago I usually order...

So don't shy away because of it's odd location. Just buck up and try to act inconspicuous as the mall walkers leer at you from afar.


  1. the miso at the utica ridge is stellar. do they have it at the mall?
    i miss me some raw fish these days.