Monday, January 18, 2010


Well we finally stopped at our first Greasy Joint of the year, Flapjacks (highways 61 and 64) in Maquoketa Iowa. Flapjacks is a locally owned diner, opened in 1983. You can view their menu HERE
There are a few reasons one might stop in Maquoketa. A pit stop on the way to Dubuque, to go to the caves, see a movie at the 61 Drive In, orrrr to buy a car from Brad Deery.

Yes, the old greasy joint bus is no more. I have passed on the PT Cruiser to my sister, so everyone can stop making fun of it now. The new grease-mobile is a Kia Rondo and on the way back from picking it up, we stopped to eat at Flapjacks. At a place with such a name, you'd think we would have to eat some pancakes. wrong! My intolerance to gluten has made the whole greasy joint thing a bit of a drag lately, but I can still pick my way around a plate...but not a plate of pancakes.

Flapjacks was filled with old people who seemed to know each other pretty well. They walked from table to table chit chatting. Even though it was noon, EVERYONE was eating breakfast. Except me.

I ordered a chef salad with honey mustard dressing. Boring, I know, but I already had eggs for breakfast. It was crisp and delicious. The dressing had a nice zing to it.

This stuff was on our table.

I had never before seen Spike and, because I could use some sodium in my diet, I spiked my salad. It was quite salty and a bit like the seasoning from Red Robin. They had another one that was supposed to be "firey"

Our waitress was a super sweet lady who talked fast and referred to everyone as 'Hon.' Sooo stereotypical for a trucker joint, and so awesome. I felt like we should say that Large Marge sent us.

Richie opted for a breakfast boat. This boat has a hull filled with country potatoes, peppers, onions, and cheese covered by a nice tarp of eggs. Off the port bow and quarter were slices of buttered toast, and jam was located off the starboard bow. Greasy breakfast ahoy.

The food came out about 5 minutes after we ordered and we were out of there in less than 30. Of course, if you've seen Richie eat, you know how he Hoovers it down. Or maybe he's more of a Dyson. Cyclone action.

This is a definite must stop if you find yourself in Maquoketa. Would be especially delicious after hiking through the caves!

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