Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Donuts & More

For a cozy little place to eat a doughnut, drink a coffee, and read the papes, check out Donuts & More at 1717 Brady Street in Davenport. I haven't found much history info from a basic Google search, but I know it is locally owned and has been there for years. They sell doughnuts out of the small restaurant and also supply a few local retailers and gas stations.

We stopped by around 10 a.m. and the pickins were gettin slim. They don't have doughnuts you would find at Wal-Mart or Casey's, who obviously appeal to the future diabetics of America by smothering them in frosting and stuffing them with cremes. Donuts & More has lemon or strawberry jelly, one bavarian long john, a few danishes, but mostly just flavored doughnuts and holes. The flavored doughnuts are *expletive*-ing good. Plain and simple. Richie ate a vanilla and orange.

I got a dozen holes- 4 each of double chocolate, strawberry, and sprinkles. I really can't pick a favorite child though chocolate would probably be the step child because it's more of a dessert than breakfast pastry. As you can see, it was a rainbow of deliciousity.

All of that goodness only cost like 3 dollars.

IN the fall they have pumpkin donuts so, oh yes, we will be back. Probably before then. Don't expect a Krispy Kreme experience- they aren't open all day, the coffee is nothing fancy, but they have a drive thru and very sweet worker ladies.

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