Monday, April 5, 2010

Boston Mass

I happened to be in Boston the week of the worst raining and flooding the region has seen in like 100 yrs. I was also "blessed" with the stomach flu. Luckily I was still able to suck it up and eat at a few historical 'greasy joints.' I'll just highlight a couple.

Jacob Wirth Company on Stuart Street is a German restaurant that was established by Jacob, a Prussian immigrant, in Boston during the reconstruction era. I imagined they suffered a bit during prohibition... and World War 2... with the whole Hitler thing...and a logo that looks like him...

As you can imagine, the building smelled like an old museum or barn, or your grandmother's house, but the interior was clean and the mahogany interior was restored and well maintained.

The menu had many traditional German foods, so of course we thought we would try some... sort of. Though they offered wiener-schnitzel and sauerbraten, we both ordered Americanized German food. I opted for the grilled chicken Reuben with sweet potato fries and my mom ordered a bratwurst with onion rings.

I wasn't a fan of their sauerkraut, but the sweet potato fries were pretty awesome

Bratwurst and rings

The food was alright, but I think the main attraction at Jacob Wirth's must be their beer. Check out their beer board...

This guy was attempting to draw an Easter bunny

We also walked the Freedom Trail to the oldest restaurant in the U.S., a National Historic Landmark- The Union Oyster House.

The building is over 250 yrs old but the restaurant was established in 1826 as Atwood and Bacon Oyster house. The Kennedy family frequented the restaurant and a booth upstairs is dedicated in memory to JFK, who liked to dine there. And probably fornicate in the restroom.

The actual Oyster bar-

Of course we were given oyster crackers to snack on...

Not being a fan of seafood, I knew I would probably be eating some mediocre chicken plate.

It was good and bland which happened to be just what my stomach needed.

Neither of us had the cajones to try oysters, but my mom did get a lobster salad roll. Turns out she doesn't like lobster. eh, who knew?

Being in such an old building with a lot of history was fun, but once again, the food was just okay. Probably would fare better for seafood lovers instead of landlubbers.

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